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Starter Solenoid

Just had the 3rd starter solenoind replace on my motocylce. Its out again ! All it does is click at starter. checked ALL connections. all tight and no rust. I can cross the terminals out and it cranks up. All wires on solenoid are lighting up when i turn switch on. Any ideas on what could be causinf this ??? 2000 1500cc Intruder.




Ok I'm no mechanic but my thoughts would be: First check all the wiring to make sure it is not damaged or something is loose, including the ground wire. Then I would check the ignition switch. If it is not turning off all the way it will cause the solenoid to keep running and over heat it. Just my thoughts

Valerie is right on it.
The starter relay is controlled by the digital igniter. You will need this and a VOM (volt-ohm meter).
Chapter 7 pages 8, 10, 22, 17 and 18.
Do the leak down test first.
Hope this helps. Let us know what you find.

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