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sticking clutch

i was starting my bike on a cool day ... around 54 degrees. pulled choke started and adjusted throttle till i could let off throttle.
during the warm up i pulled in the clutch and hit first ,  bike died as if i was putting it in gear
tried again same thing( again clutch control on handle bar was held in) 
after the bike was completely warmed up it seemed like the clutch handle worked as expected
do you think something needs adjustment ?    should i stay in nuetral till completely warmed up?  any ideas would be appreciated.




Do these first. Make sure the clutch cable is adjusted. Check the side stand switch. Change the oil and filter. make sure the bike is vertical when checking the the level. Do all these and give us a update.

will do... seemed like the site was down... thanks , I will check all items listed

Hi Cprevo - the site was down for about a week...not sure how long it will stay up

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