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Strange engine noise.

So I just got a 1998 intruder vs. 1400. And it runs great. Except for when you start to take off it makes a soft knocking noise. But only when you start from a dead stop. It has over 76,000 miles on it so I'm hoping its not the rod bearings. Is this sound normal for these bikes?. And how many miles are they usually good for ?




The trick is to isolate where it's coming from. Does it do it from every start? There are a bunch of things that can cause a knock. Everything from to low octane fuel and timing to crank bearing trouble. Need more info to proceed.

This noise could be anything, piston slap, cam chain tensioner, low octane like Edwins said. may even be fouled plugs. How Long have they been in the engine?

Not sure. The bike sat for 2 years. I don't think it's low octane. I'm running premium fuel

I would still check the spark plugs or replace them. Just a little rust on the electrode will make the engine knock and rattle.

Nice to know. Will check this on my new (to me) Intruder...

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