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stuck in Italy

First year 1999 V92 # 1078. need help!! i shipped my victory with me here to southern Italy 2 years ago and drove both sides of the coast , then i lost my transmission! europe doesnt have this bike or any parts (was able to replace belt drive in Genova with a HD, last year) I have asked all my biker friends in the states but they all say cant find parts. i love this bike and it is a staple at my American Restaurant here in Calabria. these are the parts i need;
2x kit bands pistons part # 2201434
1x fork transmission part # 5132307i have invested a lot of time an money in this bike and love having an American one of a kind here in Italy, please help me if you can. the victory dealer in Milan where i shipped if said he could fix it. however after i shipped it to him he said impossible without these parts that even he cant find.

any help is greatly appriciated 




The members on this site are always willing to help. Stick around, it's a world wide community of riders.
This one's for the transmission part.
You will need to copy and paste this in to find your rings.

This is a mail adres from a Victory bikes dealership in Holland named: Victory Motorcycles de Jong Alphen BV. Maybe they can and will help you?
E-mail : [email protected]

Gert, are you looking to make a parts delivery as an excuse for another road trip?

LOL... a return ride to Italy?! Would cost me a week!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Thanks for the links but so far no match. According to many distributors they stopped producing these parts and are impossible to find. Polaris and victory are impossible to contact. They only want you to deal with their authorized dealers but the dealers cannot assist me.

WTF!!! How is it possible to keep riding that bike when it's not possible to get the right stuff? I'm sorry it didn't work, it's the only real dealer in Holland. I know there is a biker store in Den Bosch. It's a little town in Holland, they also sell and repair Victory bikes. But they do it since a few years, so I'm nealry sure they don't have what you need....

HI Ariodante,
I have a Victory shop just a few blocks from my place. I'll head up there and see what they can find. They are real good about finding hard to find parts.

Since the rings are no longer available I'd replace them with new style pistons and rings.
ASM,PISTON,97MM (3021419) (replaces 3021147)$169.99

Polaris has not made original transmission parts for those bike for many years. I've attached a parts list that details what is needed to update the transmission to the better 2003 design. It is a very time consuming and expensive modification, but works very well if done correctly.

The Vic Shop

1341451 Main shaft $569.99
6230262 Main shaft gear $159.99
1341411 Clutch Shaft $369.99
1341452 Countershaft ass’y $589.99
1341415 Shifter drum $259.99
5133118 shift star $134.99
5133255 shift fork mainshaft (X2) $129.99 ea = $259.98
5133256 shift fork countershaft $129.99
5132541 detent plunger $47.99
5132784 lube collar $26.99
5132785 lube body $39.99
7517863 banjo bolt $26.99
1013286 sensor bracket No longer available
4011111 speed sensor $114.99
7556139 countershaft washer $4.79
5244506 shift drum plate $35.99
7517797 screws (x2) $1.59ea = 3.18
4010540 speed multiplier $299.99
5132985 stepped shift shafts (X2) $69.99ea = $139.98 1999 only, required
1333481 shift ratchet $73.99
7556154 washer $2.39
2540015 oil pistons (X2) $37.99ea 1999 only if you want to upgrade your oil pump
4110235 switch $16.99
2540019 cooling body $40.99 1999 only if you want to upgrade your oil pump
2540009 lube pressure body $33.99 1999 only if you want to upgrade your oil pump
5133394 seal sleeve $32.99
3514443 bearing $64.99
7547209 nut $24.99
5133262 pulley $369.99 new front pulley with correct 03-05 inner splines
3211085 belt $299.99 1999 only: round tooth
1341334 pulley $549.99 1999 only: rear round tooth pulley
7518066 screws (X5) $2.48ea = 12.40 1999 only: holds new rotor to wheel

Note:It may be possible to find a complete 2003 transmission and do the swap. A parts manual would be necessary to cross check the parts numbers. Edwin

Wow thanks for the help. Will check into this!

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