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Suspension/ load carry

I have a 2000 Suzuki intruder 1500 Lc. I’m a big guy 425lbs but I’m 6”6 so I’m a foot ball player build. I have a wife that wants to ride and I have had her on it my question is she’s a big woman 290. Around town bike does alright but when I put her on the highway and reach highway speeds the bike seeems loose on the front end. I’m search for weeks now to find a heaven duty spring. Any help or advice would help. Your fat jokes and comments won’t hurt my feelings so you shouldn’t waste your time I’m the happiest day guh you know




Hummmmm Fat jokes never entered my mind...... Did think however that she should have her own bike, perhaps cause I ride my own, ......

too much weight, your not even supposed to have that much weight on with luggage,
ps im 300lbs thats one reason why i ride alone.

Welcome to the site. Judgemental junk doesn't fly here. I'm down from 383 to 283 at 6'3".
From the owners manual.

Never exceed the G.V.W. (Gross Vehicle
Weight) of this motorcycle. The G.V.W. is
the combined weight of the machine,
accessories, payload, rider and passen-
ger. When selecting your accessories,
keep in mind the weight of the rider as
well as the weight of the accessories.
The additional weight of the accessories
may not only create an unsafe riding
condition but may also affect the riding
G.V.W.: 560 kg (1230 lbs)
at the tire pressure (cold)
Front: 225 kPa (2.25 kgf/cm2, 33 psi)
Rear: 280 kPa (2.80 kgf/cm2, 41 psi)
Weight of the bike is:
Curb mass. 344 kg (758 lbs)
363 kg (800 lbs) ... VL1500T/BT
1230 - 758 = 472
425 + 290 = 715
If you are determined to proceed, a suspension upgrade in a necessity.
and Racetech or Progressive front springs.
It's still a "iffy" proposition.

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