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Suzuki LC intruder 250

? How can I find out if I have a battery problem, or if When riding the battery is not being charged. 
Its hard to start , I charged the battery for a couple hours the other day, took it for a 30K ride ( had not been on through worst of early morning cold weather ) I would have thought the 30K would have at least fed the battery to let me get off , take a half hour walk, and get back on n go home, ... it didn’t , was almost as if battery had hardly any charge at all, certainly not enough to re start it.   Ps... battery is onlyabiut 6 months old. 



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You're going to need a multimeter and a shop manual. I haven't come across any free pdf versions for this bike so maybe ebay. You then will be able to check the charging voltage.
The usual culprit is the rectifier but, make sure that both ends of the ground cable are clean and tight and the battery posts are clean.

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