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Suzuki M90 Brakes

I purchased a Suzuki M90 2009. I took it for a long ride today and have found the front and back brakes to be terrible. I could not lock the back brake no matter how hard I step on it and the fronts are not much better.
Where should I start looking. When I did my first clean of the bike there was oil and grease built up on the front when and cylinders. I cannot seen and obvouse leak.




If there are no signs of leaking I would suggest you just do the obvious, replace your pads and the brake fluid, the pads may just be of a poor quality and you may possibly have an air bubble in the system, see how that goes.
The M90 is usually regarded as one of the better braking cruisers.

New pads and a flush and bleed of the brake fluid. The brake fluid may have been there for the entire life of the bike which means its had the opportunity to absorb moisture for 10 years. You can buy brake fluid test strips ay your local auto supply store, just make sure you get the the ones for the type of brake fluid you're using.
As for the build up of crud, keep a close eye on things. It's possible that is was accumulated road grime.

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