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Tank corrosion

Just took over my dads 1995 intruder 1400 only 5 k miles problem is been sitting in hes garage for over 10 years so needs love tires battery etc ...main concern is tank corosion from gas can it be saved? And how much ballpark am i looking at to have it restored and road ready?




How much of the work can you do ? That is where you will save lots of $$$. You will need tires $300. the brakes flushed and the pads replaced $100. New battery $50-80. If the tank is not all rusted up. You should be able to run a good fuel cleaner in ad wash out the old gas. If you find rust you might want to try putting a had full of 1/4 in ball bearings in it and start shaking it to remove all the rust. You may have to shake it for days. If the tank is full rust you need a new clean tank $ 100-500 if you can find a good one. Change oil $30. Check the electrical, The triple tree bearings (steering), shocks front and rear,rear differential drain the oil. You will have to rebuild the carburetors and replace fuel filter and possibly the fuel pump and strainer because just setting destroys every thing on a bike.

Take a look at this site and you can check on parts and prices They are very good about pricing.

I just tried to repair a 2000 Kaw drifter for a fellow and that bike set for 5 years. The price on the parts and labor was just at $3500.00 -$4,500. you can buy a nice running one for $4,000 or less. Watch out not to fall in love with an old bike. It can get out of hand real fast. GOOD LUCK

Thanks alot for the information pretty much covered all my concerns appreciate it.

Wayne gives excellent advice.
I've used steel shot and kerosene in 50/50 mix. About a cup full. POR-15 makes a good sealer kit. Be sure to rinse the tank before sealing or using.
Pull the spark plugs and dump a couple of ounces of penetrating oil, like Liquid Wrench, in each cylinder. Let it sit for a days or two before draining the oil.
With the fresh oil in, gas off and the spark plugs out, try to crank the bike over. If it turns over, let it spin half a minute or so to pump oil thru the engine.
Take your time. If it doesn't seem right, it's probably not. Let us know how you're doing and feel free to ask.
We like pictures and videos.

any reconmendation on tires pretty easy riding juat back roads want good dependable tires though first bike so definettly want everything done right n safe this is a great site thanks for the add soon as i figure out how to post pics here ill put some up. you fellas have a great night and thanks again for all the help.

Tires are like oil there are as many recommendations as there are riders. I ride a 2014 Stratoliner and it is just over 900 pounds. I like Bridgstones for me they hold the road great in the wet or dry. Even the snow at times. I am a hard rider I ride fast into the corners and faster out. I have never got more that 9,000 miles out of a set. I do ride harder than most. I have a friend that likes the Shinko tires. He likes the price,says they hold up good for him but he to is hard rider and they only last a year but he does not mind cause they are very inexpensive. Also another guy has a 750 v star with Michelin's and has over 18,000 miles and they look very good tread wise. She is not a very aggressive rider when I ride with her I have to behave my self and ride sanely. They are a little more $$.
If you are not a hard or fast rider I would try the Shinko's. Pat likes them he rides in the rain and wind and gravel they hold up very well for him and his style of riding. He only gets 7-9,000 miles out of a set and that is just one year for him. I am sure you will get several more thoughts on tires..

Thanks Wayne and Edwin ... good advice for future reference

Apreciate the info and the parts link .thanks for taking time to respond apreciate the help.

you can get some tank kreem to put in, it reseals the metal.

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