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Technical repository

I was thinking that maybe we could have a technical repository (big word of the evening !) instead of us rehashing the old answers. eg bike electrics basics/testing eg, bike manuals (operator and service but if copyright is an issue then maybe a hyperlink to those locations on other servers?)
Also, as another example tyre ratio vs speed calculator eg or
How about carb info from Mikuni (for the old school bikes) eg or
The possibilities are endless.
I would also suggest links to other forums regarding specific motorcycles. As an example there is infinitely more info on the V-Star 1300 on the 3 x V-Star forums that I belong to, than will ever appear here.

I had two schools of  thought:

1. Creat a single webpage with sections and sub-sections with either the actual info or hyperlinks, covering (for example):
a. electrics
b. oils and lubes
c. tyres
d. suspension
e. air intakes / carbs
f. exhausts
g. user and service manuals
h.specific forum links
i. etc etc etc

2. Using the basic info/hyperlinks as found on the Motorcyle Reviews pages as an example, how about inserting the specific links ie manuals/forums/unique mods under each specific bike model and keep the basic/generic info as a seperate webpage. I guess it could be a case of duplication eg use the same forum links for various Honda VTX1300 models duplicated on each page of the VTX models.

Obviously there needs input and assistance from the forum members ie input of data and flagging of dead hyperlinks to make it work.

Food for thought?

Cheers, Steve



A technical suppository?.... sounds painful, ... Vernier calipers ? ..... (Rum does strange things to me ... sorry)

I love the idea Steve and it could also be linked to someof the actual tech help we have here if it is possible to link to "The best answer" for the topic. Maybe something along the lines of the safety page, but use a side and front profile of a bike and link the areas to the relevant tech area.

If Uwe can develop it, and people are willing to submit the info and weblinks, it could be a goer!

A quicker way would be to give them your email Address Steve !;)

Hi Steve,
we could probably use the "Discussion" feature and create a separate topic for the "Technical Repository". We can use "tags" to further categorize them into sections or subsections like "exhaust, suspension" etc.
You can also specify a bike model and it will then show up on that motorcycle page. We can even add a special box or link on every motorcycle page to show all "Technical Repository" articles for that bike model.
I still have to add a feature to be able to add photos into a discussion.

How about a more catchy name like "Moto How" or something similar?

I guess we could give it a whirl!

Great idea! It seems that we are often answering the same questions over and over - like "Do I need to re-jet with new exhaust?" or "What kind of oil should I use?" etc., etc.!
I have a great article on oil ready to go!

OK Uwe, what do we all need to do, to make this a goer?

This a constantly evolving site, very much like FB, people drop in for a quick squiz, make a comment or two and take off to do whatever - fair enough, we can do a search for a past topic and may come up with something recent, but mostly, a new discussion is added which remains relevant for a few weeks during which time it gets buried with newer discussions, we're looking at pages of rapidly moving data here and I fail to see how one can keep tab of individual entries that may be considered to be of merit at some particular time, to be listed in a database like Wikipedia. Its a noble idea, like the proposed Safety Page but, to me, this seem so futile and ponderous using this current format of 'on Line Chit Chat'.
Sorry I seem to be such a complete 'Wet Blanket' , but I just don't 'Get it' ..... but I guess that's just me .....cheers

Great suggestion Steve. This would be a lot of help to nubes like myself. I wander through CCC usually at least a couple of times a day, but for real hard core technical stuff often find myself looking at VTX Cafe or VTXOA for detailed information. It seems to me that the longer we stay on this site without wandering away, and the less time we spend on alternative (competing?) sites the better it is for the sales side of CC too.
Within the technical area I suspect that there would be something to gain in providing a parts interpreter for genuine spares and in house ordering of them like some other sites offer. Again this could open further commercial avenues.

Would be a great resource to have. I'm for the idea!

Can I post the first question?
Does this bike make me look fat?

Yes Adrian. But just your a...

Smiley-laughing thanks Al

No problem Adrian. I tried to solve the problem by buying a bigger bike......

We can add that question and answer to the first category! Smiley-laughing

I think it should be called Mototribe Pow Wow.

I see that you are an avid 'Indian' fan Albert .......

Ok, I took a first stab at it:

All we need is a unique tag for each of the sections. Most of the tags I used already have content. We could either remove tags from content we don't want to show up or use a different tag and then tag all the articles that should show up there. Let me know if that doesn't make sense to anyone.

Please also make suggestions on how to fine tune the list of sections. We can also break it out into sections and subsections if necessary.

Once we have enough motorcycle specific content we can also filter by motorcycle model.

Wholla. I leave for the day to go to work and come back and you all have saved the world .. or at least put a nice sized dent in tech issues ! I like it. I do think it would be good to encourage folks to use the search feature too.

good point Tracy. a lot of people dont use it enough. Maybe we need a search to find the seach for them!

Uwe, Can we have an option to paste in an icon which links to ? Smiley-laughing

that might come in handy Smiley-wink

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