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Testing Website Ads

We are testing some ads at the bottom of every page to help offset some of the cost we have running our community site.
Please let me know what you think about it and if you see any ads that you think shouldn't show (we don't pick them but might be able to stop some if necessary).



the Asian girls are perty

I'll check it out and get back to you, Uwe!

I have begun using an ad blocker on all websites as I am weary of getting bombarded with Google ads. ie Doubleclick ads and Googlesense ads.

I fully understand that it brings some money. For me it´s 100% OK as long as the ADs are placed on the bottom.
I even didn´t saw them before I saw this discussion... I would be NOT happy if the ADs would be placed on other spot. For example : I´m very close to quit my Facebook account for that reason. So be very careful with external Ads Uwe.

Again: It´s absolutely 100% OK for me the way it is now..

Same with me Marek, If they are at the bottom. Now they are both sides and even in between peoples posts. I am going to check out ad blocker and see if it helps. And yes Dan, they are perty...but I'm not sure if they belong here.!

I don't think they do Larry that's why the sarcastic remark Smiley-wink

Sarcasm...on this site? You have got to be kidding Dan.

obviously I was just kidding about Sarcasm Smiley-wink or was I, my head is starting to hurt I think I need another "BEER" or maybe a "RUM"

Not a problem in the current location, understand the reasoning as well. Nothing is cheap these days...

Ads can be a pain and in the past they have downloaded shit on my PC. They are why I never go to FB.
However, as stated by others the ads at the bottom are inobtrusive as far as I'm concerned. Also, the ads I have seen were usually pertinent and local. This is a rough world without money or profit so go for it.

At the bottom is fine.

No complaints so far. Unobtrusive and at the bottom of the screen seems reasonable.

thanks guys. The ad is designed to load last so it won't slow down the page at all.
If you see any ads that shouldn't be here just post the link here and we'll get it blocked

Ok by me Uwe.... I don't often scroll to the bottom of the page. If the income helps keep CCC alive, I'm all for it.

It's a great idea. It's costs a fortune to keep this playground open, so I don't care if the ads are in the middle of the page. The other alternative would be to charge a nominal fee for membership which I would not be opposed to. It just might keep the spammers off of the site.

Thanks Bob,
I rather keep it free for everybody, let's see how this test goes

I understand completely, Uwe. But I'm not quite sure that everyone has a concept that it costs a lot to host a site of this magnitude. Thanks.

All good Uwe - no problems as far as I'm concerned.

In reply to the previous comment.?.
Uggs are not a suitable replacement for motorcycle boots.

no, but they will probably keep your feet warm Smiley-wink
I'm seeing pretty relevant ads, for example, from Honda, Geico, AT&T, etc.

Uwe.... that profile pic of yours just unsettles me!

hi all,
we removed the ads again, wasn't worth the hassle


Uwe I´ll send you private message with a question about the site...

Pollsken...are you upset because the free beer ads are gone?

....I always watch the adds on TV ........ they can be so much more insightful than the other rubbish that is presented as entertainment .....

Yeah, we have a million... well a lot of free to air channels but most is crap.

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