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Thanks CC staff

To all of You who have complains about Cruiser Customizing's products, orders, deliveries, etc ...

A few days ago I placed a little order at CruiserCustomizing. Nothing special about it, but ... The order was complicated because of my payment wishes.
THAT was complicated - believe me! .. LOL
To make it easier for myself I chosed to make the order while I chatted with Mark (aka cruisermark on community) from customer service.
Now, I knew that before, but I will repeat it again: which professionally response I got!
Mark and Robin (aka allsmilez) in the background did a great job to help me.
To top it all, I had a little problem with my credit card ... Mark must be an angel - He has the patience of one anyway... LOL

What I want to say to all of you who have problems with CruiserCustomizing:
Talk to customer service - they WILL help you!!!

Again: THX Mark and Robin




Few months ago I had a chat with Mark about something I wanten to buy and I had the same experience Marek. Very helpfull and he takes the time!

You're very welcome Marek, thank you for the kind words. We are always here to help and thank you for reminding everyone. Take care for now you guys, ride safe!

You´re the man ,Mark!

Yes it was Robin who started the ball rolling so I could use 5 of my winning certificates to buy my new tires for the Rebel.

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