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For those of Faith...

For those of you who are Christian, I just stumbled across this link. If you feel called to participate, then feel free to do so. If anyone does not feel called to participate, please refrain from making derogatory comments. If it's not your "thing", please just move on quietly. Thank you.



As an ordained minister I thank you for this link and your willingness to step out in faith. Any prayers for the US would be appreciated, our country is a mess and getting worse by the day and we as a nation have forgotten the Lord and need to come back to Him to once again be blessed as a nation.

I completly agree, we need to continue praying for the US as well as Israel. God cannot come for his people fast enough. The return of Our Lord Jesus Christ is Imminent.

Awesome, awesome!

America needs to repent of all the innocent babies murdered in abortion clinics, there innocent blood calls to the lord.

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