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Throttle tube removal. Vstar 1300

Hi everyone. Hope someone can help, bought ISO grips from here, but I want to change the throttle tube for a throttle tamer tube instead for my Vstar 1300. Have tried everything boiling water, freezing, vice grips, etc but nothing works to remove the original tube, must of used super glue when they assemble them. Kuryakyn told me they don't have blanks, thats how they come. Has any one esle had this problem or a solution. Your help would be greatly appreciated.




Ray, I'm confused, when I replace my grips it came with a plastic throttle tube, I understand you are replacing the plastic tube with a metal throttle tamer, once I undid the switch housing the old tube just slid out and I then replace it with the new tube and refitted the housing and glued the grips on, all done.
So what I don't get is which bit can't you remove?

Dub on the ISO grip the right side accelerator one, once you undo the switch housing and unclip the cable from the throttle tube, but the tube is glued into the ISO grip itself. They said to use WD40 and keep working it until it lets go, but no such luck.

Oh I see, that's crap.
But they are right - soak with WD40 and let it rest, slide a really narrow screwdriver or something like a feeler gauge in between the rubber and tube and gently work around the tube, it has to give way! They wouldn't have used super glue but more like a contact glue, the WD40 will break it down eventually. Just make sure you clean up the rubber really well when you finally get it off so that the glue grabs hold when you fix it to the new tube.

Not that easy Dub. The unit is sealed in such a fashion that you can't get a feeler gauge in. Figure, but I'll keep at it.

Even if you remove the end cap, strange!

All sorted thanks Steve. These made a difference.

Hi Raymond, sorry to dig up such an old thread but I've recently come across this same problem and wondering what exactly you did to be able to extract the throttle tube?

GQ I was not able to remove the inner sleave so I purchased a throttle tamer from G2 ergo in the US. Works really well took out about 95 percent of the slack in the throttle, much better now.

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