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Ticking Valkyrie

I know there are some very knowledgeable and experienced Valkyrie owners on this site. Last summer, I noticed a slight "ticking" sound from the left bank of the engine on my 2000 Tourer. This happens after the engine is warm and is only noticeable at low speeds. Any chance the valves may need adusting? 




You may need to adjust the valves. Once that is done and the ticking still is audible you may need to replace the lifters. You can use Ryslone oil additive and that will clean out the lifters of any oil restriction Over time the hole in the lifter get plugged just a little and restricts the flow of oil.. If you decide to use the Ryslone only use about 8-12 oz. I have used it with great results.

Adjusted the valves, and it seems to be good. I also tightened the chrome heat shield on the exhaust. No more ticking

GOOD you found it I hate those little ticking noises. They seem worse than the big clunks and bangs.

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