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does anyone know if you can go from a  110/80/19 to a 110/90/19 on a 750 spirit ... i just got a rar tire 3  months ago and the ride is superb and was thinking to get the same tire for the front but unfurtunally they do not have it on the size 110/80/19  only  110/90/19  any help will be apreciated





Thats a tough one, the 80 refers to the height of the tire, so you would be increasing it by 10, it depends on the clearance of your fender, I think metzeler has a chart on their site that will allow you to check, or you could possibly get the number of the supplier from CC customer service if they don't have the answer and call them directly. There is usually some play available with the width, not sure about the height..

thks for the info i just got back from the dealer and they do rub so if i want to run it with out a fender i would be ok but dont like the look of bike with out the fender so i whent back to reg size, again thx for the comments and help



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