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Okay I'm looking for some input I'm going to replace my tires I'm looking at the Michelin Commander 2 and the Dunlap Elite does anybody have any experience with either of these tires



use the commander 2 on my rear great mileage almost 20k, keep the air pressure up 40 + psi.. one thing , tar snakes in corners , tire does not like.
did not get the wear on the front tire , cupped, was told the 40 psi was not enough. use Dunlop American Elite on the front great mileage. handles well.

Good info

Welcome Home Val. Patt's retiring in January so the bikes will be getting serious attention. I'm considering going Darkside on the rig as it's a whole nother thing in the handling department.

I just don't like the dark side idea the side walls aren't meant for how we ride a bike

Glad to hear about Pat I'll never retire I don't have a retirement fund hahaha

Hildr has been wearing Dunlop Elite III's since '08. No complaints...good on slick, wet roads, confident in the corners and good mileage. Not bad considering Hildr weighs in at around 750 lbs. I'll be replacing the Elite III's with new Elite 4's when the time comes. Also, I use Dyna Beads which I believe improves tire performance (I didn't believe until I started using them).

If I had one complaint, it would be that the Dunlops are a bit pricey.

Good luck and good tire shopping!

Good info
I appreciate it
You can read all the reviews in the world but there is nothing like talking to someone who uses them

commander II very nice tire, round profile, i to use balancing beads. 35 psi front and back seems to sit into the corners better for me than at 40 psi

talked to a guy (darkside) has no problem with a car tire on, think it was a goldwing

The rig doesn't handle or corner like a regular bike. No counter-steering. Must be steered. Definitely doesn't lean like a bike.

Okay we'll set that turkey up and I'll see you in Sturgis next July Smiley-laughing

If you are after mileage go for commander 11 but if you want better grip in all weathers go for American eagles .I have tried just about every tyre and in the end I went back to Harley Dunlops the 402s , for the price and wear as well as pretty good handling all round , my bike is an electraglide and I might not be Valention Rossi but I do ride fairly hard .

Thanks Lowie
I don't ride fast and hard but I do put in long days 600+ mi. I want a nice smooth ride and stability on all types of roads in all types of weather. Michelin 32's came on the bike and they grip really well but track on everything they see and they tell you about every imperfection in the road

Thanks everyone for your input. It was all very helpful. I have decided to go with the Dunlaps

So many tyres out there its hard to pick one for wear, handling and price, Dunlop's are well trusted. Good luck with your choice Val. Nice to see you back Lowie.

I’ve come late to this discussion Valerie but I agree with your choice. I’ve only ever run Harley Dunlops on my Fat Bob and I am extremely pleased with them. Bob is heavier than your bike but I run 36 F 42 R.

Much heavier. Mine is only 650lbs. It came with Michelin Scorcher 32's which I don't like. They track on everything and you feel all the vibration of the road. My old bike had Scorcher 11's which is a smoother tire much like the Elites.

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