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Tires - DOT date 0406

2007 VStar Classic - 6300 miles (had 3900 when purchased last year).  Tire tread looks good and no little lines on the sidewalls indicating rot.  I was reading an article on tires and it mentioned how to tell the I checked mine and the last 4 after the DOT are 0406.  My interpretation is that the tires were manufactured the 4th week of 2006.  If that is true (and I am asking if it is), should the tires be replaced just on the basisi of age?  I replacement is called for, what would you suggest by brand and name.  Do you really save any money if you mail order them and have a shop install them vs just buying them locally and have them installed?



Best thing to do is take the bike to a couple of shops and have them check them, then decide. Riding habits, and tire hardness can determine the life of a tire. Best to have a pro give you an opinion, than someone who can't see the rubber.

I'm with Bob on this.. Let the people who deal in tires everyday tell you what they think.
As far as mail order goes, I ordered a set once from an on line place and the tires must have been stored improperly or something as they went to crap in 5000 mi. I usually get 12000 to 15000 out of a set

I save about 1/2 ordering on line. Try or The dealers around here want twice what tires cost on line and won't install any tire that is not purchased from them and want to charge $35-50 per tire. I have a shop here in town that will install any tire for $20 each. I just have to bring in the wheel and tire. My tires never get more than 6-8months,so I never have to worry about the dates. I ride hard and never seem to get much more than 8-9000 miles out of a set. The brand does not matter much. I have had Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzler's, Perille's . All seem to wear about the same. My bike is 900lbs+ and like rolling hard and fast.
Just remember tires come apart form the inside so if they look good on the out side and there over 5years old I would buy new. My brother thought he had good tires. I told him to get rid of the old tires on his C50T I think his were 6years old. He almost did not make it around a corner one day. He had new tires the next day. Be safe cause there is only one you. Ride safe and have fun.

That's a good price for mounting.... It's $65 here

depends in what conditions you store your bike, if the tires are out in the rain, sun or snow (outside all the time in the elements) it's hard on them but if its not in these conditions all the time than i would say no, ride them till the tread is gone. I just changed my oem front with 39000km(24500miles) on it, I saved $150 Canadian from doing mail order and mounted them myself (commander II)(save another $100 on that) and used balance beads no need for lead weights anymore (besides you don't want ugly lead on a nice chrome rim) and if if an 18 year old in the shop can mount a tire i think i can do the job and make sure its done right. besides what do you think the shop owner is going to say, it's money in their pocket.

My tire guy (yep, I have a "tire guy") says that today's synthetic tire compounds are pretty much done at 3-4 years no matter what the tread looks like. I always wear through my motorcycle tires before that time limit, but I have found out "the hard way" that my tire guy is correct. With my company trucks I have fifty something tires on the road on any given day and this tire time limit thing has been proven over and over again. Since my company trucks don't get a lot of miles put on them, I've had to shift my tire maintenance schedules away from mileage and rely on time.

Good info Charlie Thanks

thanks Charlie - that helps

Absolutely correct.....putting tires on my bike is one thing I do leave to the shop. I had issue with Stock Bridgestone tires wearing out prematurely - even when they were new. Last set only lasted about 5-6 months.

My Kawi dealership new about these issues, and don't even carry Bridgestones anymore.So now I have one of the best touring tires made.....a very awesome set of Michelins. They are over a year old & still look and drive like they were just put on.

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