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Treat Everyone Equal

Try to be good.



Long hair country boy.

That's god advice Hippy. Welcome from Arkansas. Feel free to post pics and video's if you like

Welcome to the world. If you believe that ... hold on to it. This world does not hold that as a virtue. I have that value too, but it has been tested to the point that I can not be held innocent. We are all born equal, that thats were it ends. People who lower themselves into fowl language, poor grooming, poor bathing, and poor behavior are going to find it hard for others to treat them equally. Sorry the world has too many ways for a person to fall into a social pit. We find it relieving to think that it's their fault, but it may not be; nevertheless, their virtues may not survive in their environment. So they have lost my trust and have to earn it by raising themselves from the social pit. It's a dangerous world and you need to be wise as serpents among the wolves. Just saying.

Couldn't have said it better myself. People judge books and people by their covers. If you change your cover people who judge will judge you differently. I look at it this way, if you knock on my door holding a hand gun I'm going to answer the door holding a hand gun but if you knock on my door holding flowers I'll answer the door with a smile. Just a thought

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