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Tribe Message : Direct

Would like some imput on a possible new feature; Direct Message To Tribe Members Only.   This feature would enable any member of a tribe to create a discussion linked to that tribe, then post it directly to all the members of that tribe but not to general discussions. I think it would be very helpfull such as in the case of the new Blacksheep Tribe, it would let those members take care of things like patches and rally discussions and general new business. A general dicussion could then be posted with information concerning events and so forth. It would also tend to not clutter up the site with information that other members may not be interested in.  Input welcome.

Update 11/30/12:
I've implemented the first part where you can post to a tribe without it showing up in the discusisions tab.
I'm working on a feature that will show you when you have new discussions in any of your tribes.



That sounds like a good feature to me Bill.

good idea

I agree. Could be very useful.

Bill your the man great idea. I think it would help all through the likes of the black sheep!

Sounds like a really good feature. The only thing that I can see as a possible issue is, it could separate the site members like on facebook. Don't get me wrong it is a really good idea. We would just have to be careful with it. idk just another view at it Smiley-wink

Great idea

Terry you have a good point as well.

Yeah, we don't want to create separate factions,..... but used in a certain way, just for official tribe business, it could be good. Smiley-laughing

Good point Terry, like everything we as CC members should be grown up enough not to abuse it, my idea was to save time rather than message each person on a one on one basis. It would be just another tool to use.

I know m8. I was just looking at it from a different perspective, as usual. LOL

technically it wouldn't be a problem. Currently you have to select at least 1 topic. Instead we would require either a topic or a tribe selected (or both).
But unless people check their tribe pages they wouldn't know about a new discussion on their tribe ...

think it would be a good feature as well, just another way to keep up on happenings relate to a tribe, don't think it cause problems, just keeps you connected to what your interested in, topic wise ,relating to a certain tribe

Would be a great feature Bill. Being a tribe member I guess you should be interested in checking what's new in your own neck of the woods anyway Smiley-laughing Certainly wont keep me from surfing the site LOL

Good idea but Uwe has a point. I hardly check my tribes because what ever is posted to a tribe is visible in the main posts.

tezza... you belong to a TRIBE?

Im with Tezza, it is useful but I rarely would check tribe messages, and Robbie has a point too in that it may segregate the community. Maybe instead of making it private tribe messages make it so you can email the tribe members by entering the tribe name? It may be a little harder to nut out but I guess Uwe being the Demi-god he is now it is probably achievable.

Als, Tezza rides a 109, he doesn't need to belong to a tribe, the tribes belong to us!

Stay with the KISS principal...........

Email would work too! All valid ideas.

Thanks beachy. Even though Als now has a 109 (mainly through envy) he still needs to get that "bond" that goes with riding one.


Now now tezza... just coz I was exercising my OTHER bike when you guys left on your Sunday ride, there's no need to be too envious.... and I enjoyed a lovely ride today with a mate who went from being a BMW rider to a Yamaha 1600 Roadstar rider.....yes, I was enjoying my 109.
Dood, why am I poor?

Yes, we saw you Al. Was expecting you to follow us.

Didn't you see me pass you on the freeway?

I've implemented the first part where you can post to a tribe without it showing up in the discusisions tab.
I'm working on a feature that will show you when you have new discussions in any of your tribes.

Oh Hail Uwe's mightiness, good one mate

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