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a tribute section for our fallen brothers and sisters

I would like to see a dedicated section of the site listing those who have gone before us.  Maybe in the members section, a link that would take us to there profile noting it as memories.  If I pass on, I would not mind a bit for my profile moved here so my wife and daughter and other CC friends could look back at my pics, videos, etc and remember who I was.  Maybe a star or some other symbol by their name noting they are deceased and clicking on their name would take you to their profile.
-- Or a tribute wall with names and dates.  Clicking on the name would take you to their profile.  If it weren't for Marek remembering and posting about Don (Copperguy) I would not know about him.  His member profile is gone, maybe due to his family wishes, I don't know.  I searched and did manage to find a photo of him and his 3 sons.
-- It is memories that is what defines our lives.  As we age, it is only the strongest memories that usually stay with us.  Thus powerful tributes to those who have fallen before us, will be our memories.  And every now and then it is just a bit of knowing the past will have an impact on the future.



It's already on the site Randy. Go to members => members with batches => eternal rider.... But now I realise, you have to know to find it otherwise you will never notice it's already there......

We had a discussion some time back Randy and decided on the tag "Eternal Rider" for our fallen brothers and sisters.

Gert is right , it just needs to be more prominent and thereby more accessible .

The wall idea is a great idea Randy. So it would be easier for people to find. I used to go to Don's page and Earls and post on Their profile and so did other people, just so we could remember them and keep a part of them here with us all.

I agree Cyrus / I just went looking for the Eternal Riders - found them but it wasn't straightforward

... and who is now responsible for moving Buddah13 to that group?

The only one who can do that is Uwe I think and I'm sure he will. But I agree..... That's only one pic and a name for as far I saw on that particular page.....

I never even knew there was an eternal riders page. I always found their profiles through my friends list. But a wall with links that would be easy to find would be good. Randy is right, in that new people who come along should be able to find out about the people who were here and made it what it is. Its the only forum that I've ever been a part of, that is like family. That is why I welcome new members to the family. A family should remember where they come from

Agreed with all the above. I also never knew there was an eternal riders page.

There are 5 members listed - 3 from the US and 2 from Australia (sadly, soon to be 3).

That's the first time in all the years I've been on here, that I have found that eternal riders page and only cause I went looking for it. I think it would be fitting if there were a link, or tab somewhere at the top of the page that we all see every day. JMHO.

That's a great idea Gary!!!!

I'm with the others! Been here 2 years and never knew about the eternal riders either. Randy has a valid point and as I never knew Copper guy have only heard about him and would be nice to see how there contributions made this site what it is today!

thanks Gert, I found Copperguy's profile. I believe that the Eternal Riders like should be on the first page of the members section instead of having to click on the members with badges. This would make it more obvious. Or as I look at the current left hand side of the screen and see the road disappearing into the horizon, WHAT IF, we had a link up there that said Our Beloved Riders in the Sky? Is it possible Uwe?

Also would hope that people after me could preview all of my profile versus just the last 3 posting of pics, vids, etc. I want my legacy to live on in infamy (actually the opposite of that, but hey, I'll take what I can get for people's tremember me) LOL,, that is why I'm never lost, everyone tells me where to go (hear it is quite warm). Back to a more serious nature. I have added to my will and testament, none of you are getting anything. It does require my beneficiary to notify you all that I have passed on to the great high way in the sky. Hopefully this is not for quite a few years yet, but one never knows.

I agree it should be a front page link ...a suitable salute to those who have passed on and ride on in eternity.

I agree with all the suggestions about a more obvious link; but we don't want to open up the debate about what to call that link ..... we've already had that discussion ..... Eternal Riders it is.

Eternal Riders link in the clouds to the left, always there, never to be forgotten, knowing who has gone before us.
Is it possible that there are others that are now deceased but no one mentioned it. I know there are members that were fairly popular and no longer are seen. One of them I was able to contact saying he was still alive but he had gotten away from the sight due to not being able to ride anymore and being super busy with other stuff. He did want me to leave it just as that and not say anything to the community. But what about others? I did find that Ocanada was just on a week ago.

can only agree with all the above!!

good call everyone!!!

Absolutely brilliant didn't know it was already there, sad to, first mate that I know has just passed from a terrible accident, it will be good to look back on all the great memories.

good discussion. There is a "Members with Badges" link on the members page. Let me know how you would like to make it more prominent

I think you could keep it simple Uwe. When you go to the members page you find on the left site "Browse Members" and "Top active Members" and below that, there is some place left. Maybe you could make a "Eternal Riders" button there so it's directly on the members page and you don't have to search to find it, because it's on the front "members" page... More easy to find but not that prominent that it's the first thing everybody will see when they open the site....

Just an idea!

I agree with Gert, one you go to the member's page, have the Eternal Riders link there where the browse members links are.

Vardy, I have been In contact with Uwe regarding Buddah.

Goodonya Al, thanks.

Yes, Wayne is with the other Eternal Riders now.

Wayne was delivered to Eternal riders today. A beautiful but sad service. I was proud to be part of the funeral procession with Wayne's family and other CC members.
Ride In Peace brother.

Good to hear you all made it home ok Tezza .... will post pics shortly.

Thanks Peter.

Experiencing some problems in uploading pics through Photo Album. Will try again when I get home from work this evening.

I the problem stays you can upload with youtube and add as a vid Peter...... I had the same problem a few days ago, and this is another way to do it....

Thanks Gert

Patiently waiting Pete.

Sorry Al - still some issue .... will have another crack at it tomorrow

Perhaps you can upload to Dropbox then share the link through CCC.
Example ....... a link to the wild hogs map.

Done! Photos are up.

Peter, did someone record video on Thursday?

Not that I am aware of Steve.

Thanks mate.

Thanks Peter.
Let me know if you want to go with Gert's recommendation on adding the link to the members page

Uwe - whatever provides greatest visibility to the pathway to the ER page.

Uwe, I like Gert's suggestion also. Have the Eternal Rider's link available up front on the members section when you first click into the member's section.

Uwe - it would be nice to show the "Eternals" in more visible place in Members Tab...
We owe them...

Please make it possible...

It's a few months ago now Wayne died and subjects like this are always "most popular" when it is actual. I hope I'm not the only one when I remind everybody to this subject thinking; case isn't closed because nothing changed. Specially because we all thought the same about it. Eternal riders on a more prominent place, not the front page but like I suggested in a earlier comment..... (Thanks again Randy for starting this discussion).

Uwe, can you please let us know what's the status about this subject?

Good point Gert.

hi guys,
I've added a link on the Members tab, please let me know what you think

Nice and simple. Easy to find. I like it Uwe.

Perfecto. Click on Members and it is right there on the left. No more searching.


well done Uwe!!

Good to see Uwe. Well done.

Thanks Uwe - appreciated!
Btw have your broken bones mended well?


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