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a tribute section for our fallen brothers and sisters

I would like to see a dedicated section of the site listing those who have gone before us.  Maybe in the members section, a link that would take us to there profile noting it as memories.  If I pass on, I would not mind a bit for my profile moved here so my wife and daughter and other CC friends could look back at my pics, videos, etc and remember who I was.  Maybe a star or some other symbol by their name noting they are deceased and clicking on their name would take you to their profile.
-- Or a tribute wall with names and dates.  Clicking on the name would take you to their profile.  If it weren't for Marek remembering and posting about Don (Copperguy) I would not know about him.  His member profile is gone, maybe due to his family wishes, I don't know.  I searched and did manage to find a photo of him and his 3 sons.
-- It is memories that is what defines our lives.  As we age, it is only the strongest memories that usually stay with us.  Thus powerful tributes to those who have fallen before us, will be our memories.  And every now and then it is just a bit of knowing the past will have an impact on the future.



That's it! Thanks Uwe, very easy to find now!

Randy its interesting that you mention this. I just recently found out about the Fallen Riders Foundation. and have started a donation project to raise funds for charity and they are first on my list of organizations I plan to deliver funds to.


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