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Trivia: In what year did a motorcyclist first break 100 mph?

Was it...?
  • A.) 1870
  • B.) 1912
  • C.) 1925
  • D.) 1938
Answer: B: on an Excelsior built in Chicago ridden by Lee Humiston "On December 30th, 1912, Humiston circled the banked one-mile oval on his direct-drive Excelsior in 36 seconds flat, to become the first motorcyclist in the world 'officially' timed at 100 mph." Source:



First bike to do 139mph was a Vincent on the Bonneville salt flat's in 1939

Some good info there Mia, now find me an excelsior and I will be really impressed! Smiley-laughing

That's wrong DooD try again

Yeah a bit hard to swallow considering
BMW set a final record before WWII, in 1937 (173.68 mph (279.51 km/h)), which stood for 11 years.

I don't know about Beachy but I'm impressed ! Good find Mia.

Damn, you are good! A little out of my price range but a nice bike.

Sorry Mark you are right mate, it was a Vincent Black Shadow in 1948 that did 148.6 mph ridden by Rollie Free at the Bonneville salt flat's I-m so happy

56%...Seems most got it right! 1912

and I still haven't broken a 100 mph on my Bird.

Randy .....your not tring hard enoght

i do prefer to have a license to drive, any ticket over 100 mph here is automatic license revocation

Same here

It should be noted that while this is the official first time someone broke 100mph, Glenn Curtiss unofficially broke the record in 1907. Since the officials who record such events weren't among the witnesses, his 138mph is not officially recognized as the record at that time.

1912 is right. I looked it up after I voted and got it wrong lol. I picked 1925 because the Brough Superior was the first production bike to break 100.

I remember seeing the 1912 Excelsior in a motorcycle magazine a couple years ago. It was some bike back then. Thanks

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