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Trying to find value to sell to brother

My GF's stepdad passed away, and her mom offered the 1992 Suzuki Intruder to me, however GF doesn't want me riding, fear of accident, etc.

My brother is interested, anyways the bike has been in the garage at least since 2006, I got it running on the old gas yesterday, must have had stabilizer in it, I put in a battery.

Aired up tires and rode around neighbor hood, not major streets carefully.

The engine runs good even for old gas, sounds amazing, I'm 6'3 and 290, I think it's too small for me anyways.

Has 15k miles, tires have good tread but most likely original, they skid very easy, so for safety they should be replaced.

I came up with 1200 bucks to start out, maybe deduct some for it needing tires.

It's very dusty but looks great, always garaged, no paint faded or scratches.

Is $1200.00 too much?




The $ would not go to me, but GF's mother.

Just trying to make it fair for both parties.

my 99 went for 6500 canadian in 2008, that probably good

The ones around here run about 1500 -3000 $ for running bikes. Washington State. It is going to need tires for sure and maybe the fuel system looked after if it starts to run poorly. They are very good bikes and don't need much maintenance.

When I ride it, the steering is weird, now I'll admit last time I rode a motorcycle it was a dirt bike and I was 16, used to ride from about 10-16, then sold my old bikes.

Almost 42 now, but I have this feeling it's pulling to the left or like a car that alignment is off, kind of a wandering feeling, going straight is fine, but slight turns, like street curving it feels weird.

Maybe the tires, tread looks good other than being way old.

Any ideas that would cause this, I do think I'm too tall for bike and my legs are up pretty high.

I'm 295, 6'3, maybe my weight is screwing up the steering?

Maybe the steering just is dry and needs lube?

Maybe it's just the old tires giving poor performance.

It felt unstable on curves going slow, by the way it's not insured or registered, I have no MC license, I could have been given some big tickets, however in my mind putting it around the block in the neighborhood isn't that horrible, I stayed off main roads.

Deep down I like the bike, it's blue and sounds amazing, but so many bad driver's, and it's horrible hot in Phoenix.

I would like to get fresh gas in it.

The temp light came on a couple of times and I heard fan, but maybe that's normal for 110F ambient weather and putting around and let bike idle in driveway?

Am I too big for this bike?

This bike has been stored for 9 years or so. Get the tires off the bike, They will kill you. The tread has no bearing on whether they are good . Age is the killer for tires and for you or your brother. Change the brake fluid get it flushed out. Old brake fluid is just as bad. The fluid gets moisture in it and stops working when you least expect it. The color should be clear it it's any other color get it out of the brake system front and rear. You are good to ride the bike it will make a great starter bike. You can get some kills on stopping and riding very slowly 4-6 mph. Then some 15-20 mph stops ( controlled stops) Check out Jerry motorman Ride like a pro. Very good information for beginners and all riders for that mater.

I guess my brother wasn't serious, he never came to see the bike.

Need to start a new thread, it started leaking gas while not running after sitting a day, I'm thinking the carbs maybe, most likely it will be put back in garage until cooler weather to check out.

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