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Are this pipes the same length and are they tuned to be matched?



Hello Patric,
The mufflers will come out at the back of the bike at the same distance, if that's what you mean by the same length. A full set of exhaust will require a re-tune of the motor. We here highly recommend the Cobra PowerPro tuner. You can learn more about them at Also take a look at the link below to take you to our product page for your bike models tuner. (it may not be for your year, I don't know what year you have, but they all work the same way) If you have any other questions or would like to get an order in, feel free to reach me directly at 925-583-2221. Take care and ride safe!

Cobra Fi2000 PowerPro Tuner:

Cobra's Tuner Specific Website:

Mark, tuned length pipes measure the same distance or volumetric capacity. This maintains equal back pressure on each cylinder and therefore smoother engine running. Some pipe manufacturers achieve this by having a smaller diameter inner pipe on the longer length if equal length pipes can't be achieved. EG tuned length extractors for a car look as though they are twisted all around the place but this is maintaining equal length.

As the rear cylinder is closer to the muffler the pipe from the port would have to go forward and then come back to be tuned length pipes

Thanks for the info Adrian,
I found an installation guide from SuperTrapp for some further reference and tips on installing these exhaust. That link is below as well.

Instructions PDF:

SuperTrapp Product Page:

They aren't tuned length by the looks of the pic but they may be tuned to each other in volumetric capacity. Only super trapp could answer that one I think

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