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Turn Indicators

Went to put an inline voltage regualtor on my rear turn indicators.  Now the turn signals won't work at all, even after taking the inline regulator off.  I turn the switch to the left and the right front turn light comes on but doesn't blink.  I turn it to the right and the left light comes on but doesn't blink.  No fuses are blown and I can't figure out what happened.  I have ordered the OEM signals to replace the cheap LED ones on the back.  ANyone have any ideas what happened?




In-line voltage regulator. Why add it? Are you an electrical engineer? Reverse what you did. Use a kit if you need some engineering. It would seem obvious that what you did is missing some engineering. That's what I think. Without more information, I can not help.

The indicators I put on are doing what is called hyper flashing. You know, flashing really fast. The inline regulator means that you add it inline to the indicators (signals). I decided to take off the LED ones and just put stock back on. A lot of LEDs do this and you have to put a regulator on it to make them stop.

Which if done wrong accidently may trash the stock flasher. An led compatible flasher unit would have been a better choice.

Come on Edwins give him the link to the flashers.

Ok, but only cause I lived at the Oaks in Gainessville.

Just was wondering. I am replacing them with stock turn signals. May be trading it anyway for a Harley.

We do Harleys too. Sounds like you need to remove led lights and put the right OEM type on. If that mean light sockets, hope you have the old ones.

You need a load equalizer and a LED flasher not a regulator. Like Edwins has stated you may have fried the OEM flasher. You may have crossed the wires just back track and you will find the trouble. LED flashers I get have a external ground wire to them. This is an automotive LED style flasher I use.

As a side note, I received 50 orange flicker style led's in the mail yesterday. Time to do some circuit designs for the Ghostrider.

Gatorfan –
Edwin is spot on with the idea of replacing the flasher with a unit that is LED compatible (a.k.a. non-load dependent). It is a much simpler way to go. If you use a flasher that is LED compatible, be sure to remove the load equalizers (resistors) that you installed. You don’t need both!
I’ve never been a fan of load resistors as they negate one of the benefits of switching to LED lights. In addition to long life and brightness, LEDs pull substantially less power. By installing a load equalizer, you’re putting the current draw back where it was in the first place. Of course that only applies to turn signals since you don’t need load equalizers for running lights. But that didn’t stop a parts guy at a dealership from trying to sell me one! I hope you get this issue sorted out. Good luck.

Edwin, that is a great site. I ordered two of their 1156-WHP28-T LED bulbs to replace the stock 1156 incandescent ones on my tractor. What a difference! They weren’t cheap, but so many of the “bargain” LED bulbs on Amazon and EBay or junk.

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