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unconnected hose pouring out gas

2002 VT1100C2
there is a hose comming out between the carbs runs down to bottom of bike
when u crank it up gas starts pumping out of the hose if i put my finger over the hose the motor dies
dont know where it is sopposed to connect to




Could be a stuck float.
Download and save. Very large file.
Start with Chapter 1. Page 26

You have two cabs anfone may have a bad needle and seat. Like Edwin says. This hose is the over flow tube. It isnot a hard fix just a bit messy.

There's a hose that runs down from Carbys & runs to a White fitment in front of the left hand side cover, In it you will find a Ball Bearing & Spring, What Happens is the Ball Bearing gets stuck up at the top of the Spring & Stops the Vacuum Pressure from the CV Carbs from releasing out & there for Floods the Carbys, On my Bike I could start it & run for about 20 minutes then it would flood & not start again til carbys cleared, It took me 2 months to work this out & find it as it's not shown in work manuals, & Most bike shops know nothing about this little thing, You can"t buy this item anywhere, So I took the Ball bearing & spring out, Joined the hose back to it & Went down to where the Hose then goes into a 3 way splitter, Then the hose on the right hand side coming out of the 3 way splitter I pulled up & Ran the rest of the hose behind the Left Hand side cover,Through Battery Frame, (You may have to cut the hose into 2),Then fitted a small Fuel filter to the end of the hose & If the hose is long enough ran hose down past the frame, Otherwise fit same size hose to end of Little Fuel filter This Allows the Carbys to breath without sucking muck back into them, I also did away with the Antipollution doing the same but with a bigger Fuel Filter, The Little Fuel filter you fit should last a long time, The one I fitted to do away with the Antipollution I change once a year, Hope that Helps. Will put a pic up soon.

Outstanding work, Allan.

Thx Edwins

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