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Updated photo rule for April

Hi all. 
It seems that not many people prepared for this months photo contest so I have opened it up a bit more. You get a choice of two themes now
APR   You & your bike celebrating Easter

or what you do when you aren't cruising.

take a pic of you and you other favourite past time and post it on here. Just remember to follow the contest rules.



There was no photo of me celebrating Easter. My 2 weiner dogs chased away the Easter Bunny. My bike was parked in the garage and everyone has seen that picture. Now what I'm doing when I'm not cruising could be different.

chasing the weiners?

Umm that didnt come out right. I meant chasing the weiner dogs Smiley-wink

Is this month for new members only as planned?

No that was last month Marek, I think the cold has got to you

My memory is NOT the same lately.... LOL

you are getting older tho Smiley-laughing

It is only meant to kill the slow ones Marek ????

I should learn to use my camera. It was bought for me about 2 years ago and I have taken about 3 pictures.

It´s time for pic number four now Casper!!! Smiley-laughing

Yeah come over here and take photos of Annie's bike Casper, I've worn mine out !

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