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v star 1100 back firing

Hello all, am new here. Just acquired a 2001 v star 1100. have been dealing with a backfiring problem. What I have done so far, new spark plugs,

checked cam timing and position, valve lash. I have also installed new air cutout valves, slides and diaphrams, new intakes. I have disassembled

both carbs and ultrasonicly cleaned every part of them, reassembled with carb kits which include new needle and seats and installed them and is still

backfiring both intake and exhaust. I understand bad gaskets in the exhaust can cause backfiring there but am at a loss as to the intake backfire. Am

in need of some help. any and all suggestions are appreciated.

One last detail, the bike has 40k miles on it.


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The V-Star 1100 was built with a Air Injection System or AIS. It was meant to reduce emissions by using a air pump to inject air into the exhaust system and ignite unburnt fuel. Igniting unburnt fuel? Isn't that the exact same thing that causes exhaust backfiring?
This why there are so many internet articles on removing the system.

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