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V Star 1100 classic, vacuum port?

I have a 2004 V Star 1100 Classic.  Between the two carbs there is a bracket that connects the two carbs together.  On this bracket, there is, what appears to be a vacuum port.  There was no hose or cap on mine.  Anyone have any idea what this port is supposed to be connected to, or should it be capped off?




need a pic or diagram. but all holes should be plugged

Thanks guys. According to site posted by Edwins, Part nr 82 and 83 indicate it should have been capped. Mine was not capped. Just wondering what the symptoms would have been with it uncapped. Again, thanks.

Is this one of the vac's which goes to the AIS? If so was it removed due to aftermarket pipes and re-jetting? (but if it was, and not capped, it would run like s*** wouldn't it?.)

if you keep stuff around like i do car fuel filters sometime come with rubber caps on the ends of there nipples and they fit perfect.

is it where hose #15 attaches looks like AIS or #3

hey gordo0000 hows the weather in Ont. it +5 here and rain, I'M DONE. just winterized the bike and covered her up, made it through another season alive again.

Too bad Eynstyn..and way too early! Supposed to be 22 today and 28 & 26 on the weekend, so I will get at least another weekend here...could be it for me after that :(

Actually, in the diagram you referenced, the cap shown is #83, and a clamp #82. Mine has neither the cap or clamp on the port. I guess, according to the diagram, it should be capped, but mine was not. Am I correct in thinking it should be capped and wondered if anyone knew what the symptoms would be, were it uncapped. Thanks.

it should be capped, wouldnt any dirt to get in it.

Hi JL ...that does not look like the AIS ... should just cap it off like in the instructions ...I may add some stubby lines to a couple of vacuum ports this weekend so I can do quick future carb sync's (did you add these Enystyn?)
If I do, (now I know where you are looking) I'll have the tank off and take a look at mine and let you know what I find.

no i haven't yet, the hose on the left side i couldn't get off of the nipple, but it is spliced about 8 inches with a plastic piece into another hose (81-84 on diagram). i took that apart and put my hose barb in that hose, the nipple behind the air cleaner defiantly needs to be extended. maybe next year, let me know ho it goes. supposed to snow on the weekend.

Hi Eynstyn - I don't recall a spliced line on the left side - I believe mine went to the AIS? I think that's what 81-84 is. As there are hoses from the AIS below the case cover on mine, maybe it's spliced there. Did you remove your AIS completely?

no ais is still on, the hose came from the nipple to a plastic insert that reduced in size to another hose and behind my side plate, i took it apart and put my barb into the one from the nipple since i couldn't get to the one on the carb without removing my skull and it was stuck to the nipple. was way easier. maybe the hose is different on an 04

I love pictures and this shop manual has excellent ones.
Download and save it.
Yes, I know it says owners manual. A 407 page owners manual? lol
If you don't have Adobe Reader download it here.
Make sure to uncheck the McCaffee box unless you know what it is and want to use it.

Eynstyn - ya I have noticed some subtle differences in the different years
Edwin...those manuals are awesome and extremely easy to follow, unlike other ones I have seen

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