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V-Star 650 will not start

I have a 1999 Yamaha V Star 650 classic and it has been running fine, but when I took it out the other day, all of a sudden it started acting like it was starving for fuel. When I stopped, the engine died and would not start again. When I turn the key on, the fuel pump clicks about 8 times before it stops and after I hit the starter button, the fuel pump keeps clicking and it will not start. I am hoping it is the fuel pump, but I am not sure.




did you put gas in it

First, you need to determine if the noise is coming from the pump or the relay.

Don, sounds like the fuel pump went south. I would change the fuel filter first. It is located under the fuel tank. Take a look here..
Nice to see another Northwest guy here. I'm 4hr East from Portland. Welcome to the site.

I recently purchased my 2nd VStar and the same thing happened to me. Check your gas cap, and when you open it, listen for sounds of air escaping or rushing in. The mechanic told me that the previous owner had put a gas cap on the bike that didn't belong, so when the gas started being used up and going lower in the tank it created a vacuum inside the gas tank and no gas was able to flow because pressure was holding it back.

food for thought

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