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V star 950 error code 39

Hi All, my 2011 V star 950 had a flat battery, I think I turned the ignition switch to part after last ride. Probably not a great thing to do but I tried to jump start with jump pack. No go, jump pack a bit low on power but got the fuel pump to work and all test lights did there thing on the dash, but would not fire.
Battery out and charged then back in and all connected. Now when I turn the ignition on all tests happen a I end up with engine light on and error code 39. I have put a full set of new fuses in and done the old unplug and replug all connections.
Code 39 means open circuit relating to fuel injector,
My question is could the problem be a relay and is the injector relay the same as the fuel pump relay.
Any help would be appropriated.




I thought 39 was for the injector lead. At least, that's what my shop manual says.
They are two separate relays.

Hi Edwin, thank you for your feed back. If injector relays are seperate could you please advise location on the bike.

There is no injector relay. The injectors run off the fuel pump relay. The other relay in the assembly is the starting circuit cut-off relay.
Code 39 is for the injector. Should have 12 ohm resistance between pins 1 and 2 for each injector. Can also be a loose or defective wire. Open or shorted condition.

Thank you Edwin, I have ordered a new relay best to be safe. Thank you Eynstyn for your link to information regarding fault codes. I have downloaded the PDF. I will just wait to get the relay and will advise how I get on. No more trying to jumper start the bike again, lesson learnt.

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