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V Star 950 muffler rattle

Hey all,

New member here looking for advice from wiser (or perhaps crazier) minds.  

I recently purchased an '09 V Star 950 Tourer, and quite like the bike, except that it has an exhaust rattle.  Warm or cold, when you rev the engine, it sounds good on the up rev, but as it revs down, it makes a rattling sound in the muffler that sounds a lot like a loose baffle.  I like the quiet of the OEM muffler, so I'm not looking to just buy after market pipes, but the rattle is pretty irritating to my OCD.

Took it to the local bike shop and had a mechanic listen to it, and he said "that's how these ones sound" and, sure enough, when I went on YouTube and watched a dozen before/after videos of guys trading their OEM pipes for after market pipes, sure enough, the rattle as the bike revs down is "normal".  If anybody out there has a 950 V Star with OEM mufflers, you know exactly the sound that I mean.

So here's the thing.  I don't want after market pipes because I'm not really a fan of the Harley-esque "braaap", but there has to be a way to modify this muffler to stop that rattle.  Have looked at a bunch of forums about drilling out the baffles, but that basically takes us back to the louder pipes issue.

A gearhead buddy of mine suggested pulling the baffles out of it and glass-wrapping them, and then shoving them back in.  I know you can pull a screw in a 650 V Star OEM muffler and pull out the baffles, but I don't think it's possible for the 950 muffler.

Any theories or experience out there as to how to make this bike sound like a bike should, and less like a sick camel as it's revving down?

Thanks all.





I think your buddy has the answer. On the 950 you may have to cut the weld on the bottom side of the muffler. Then remove the baffle repack and then tack weld the baffle then tack the outer shell of the muffler.

The oem muffler assembly runs between $625 to $850 depending on the sellers. I think I'd buy a name brand slip-on with the quite baffle option and repack it with more glass as the baffle is made to be replaceable. That way you could adjust the sound to suit you.

My vstar 1100 when new sounded like crap and like something clanking inside. What you may know is that they purposely use a spark plug in your muffler to re-ignite any left of un-burnt fuel. What your probably hearing is the muffled pop. The answer is new slip-ons exhaust or new full exhaust which will make your bike sound a whole lot better. To get rid of the pops, you'll need to remove the AIS system. The pops are a whole lot loader with new exhaust until you remove AIS. But your riding will a lot more enjoyable without the EPA muk-ups they put on new bikes. Just web search removing AIS on V Star 950. Just a note: on mine I capped the tubes from case with vacuum hose and a nut threaded into hose, in case I needed to reverse it. Most kits tell you to plug the holes with a metal plug which is not reversible. I never have had to reverse it or ever will be as the laws didn't change as I feared.

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