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Vegas shooting.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of those killed and injured in last nights mindless shooting. 



Mine as well

Very sad

Sad indeed!
I'm still trying to get my head around this whole story...How does someone get an arsenal of weapons into a hotel?

Dub, I believe he was there for 5 days already so I guess one or two at a time.

I did hear that Al but aren't we talking about Vegas and a Casino Hotel to boot, with more security than the White House....what gives!!!

Where there's a will, there's a way. I don't think Paddock did this on the spur of the moment.

Paddock was probably shot before the actual gunfire at the crowd. I'm thinking conspiracy, possibly his father. Then left his dead son to take the post-mortum blame for it. That's what I think, remember you heard it here first.

Prayers for the survivors.

I'm not shure how one gets an arsenal like his into a hotel like that. See something - Say something.

Our prayers are with the victims of this heinous act.

Doesn't make any difference what the tool used for the killing is. What people tend to loose focus on is why do they do it? There should be more research into this. Men and women have been killing each other since we have been on this planet. The question is how do we prevent someone from developing that hatred that builds to the point one wants to kill people. Sadly everyone focuses on the guns. 50 people get blown up by a bomb in the Middle east. We see a small blurb in people and next day like it never happened. To me it is all the same no matter what the method of killing is used. Research ways to keep people from developing hatreds.

There has been a shift in culture/values in the last couple of decades. How people treat each other has changed. It has become to me less value on life as it was. That's what I see.

I've worked in Hollywood, lived on the boardwalk at Venice Beach but, the scariest and strangest people I've ever met were during my 4 years in Vegas. That includes my out of country excusions.

Must be something to this. Long before this Betsy said there is no way she would go there.

There were reports about another shooter on the 4th floor. Idecided to check the videos out and it did look to be true. On further investigation I found this on Snopes.

I used to work in Las Vegas. Everything is in the casinos. You want to go bowling? Casinos. You want to eat good food? Casinos. You want to see a musical? Casinos. You want to shoot automatic rifles? No not Casinos. It is one thing to be a local, but most folks at the shows and stuff are out of state travelers. This is what makes the shooting tragic. It will be felt outside Nevada the hardest. I flew into Nevada for 3 years weekly, arriving Monday and leaving Friday. Hotels are very reasonable for out of state visitors Monday through Thursday, but horribly expensive Friday thru Sunday. In fact if your willing to stay 30 miles away it was $5 a night or $25 in Vegas Monday thru Thursday. That is why I never bought a home there.

I can believe the every thing in casinos. A wile back I was friends with a Catholic priest who once worked out there. He said it wasn't uncommon people put poker chips in the offertory for Mass.

They knock down casino to make room for new ones. Poker chips from casinos that no longer exist are collector items and pricey. I liked eating the seafood buffets and prime rib dinners there. That I miss.

The prevailing breeze blows down from Henderson to Las Vegas.
On East Lake Meade Blvld there were two Rocket Fuel plants and and a the Stauffer Chemical Clorine plant where my wife worked. They were constructing 535 between Stauffer and the nearest Rocket Fuel plant and had banked up dirt to support a ramp.
A fire broke out the Rocket Fuel plant. The explosion hurled a Firetruck like a child would toss a toy. The chlorine gas from Stauffer rose into the air.The blast broke windows 26 miles away. It tore up Henderson.
If not for that dirt embankment, Stauffer and the second Rocket Fuel plant would have been destroyed. The wind that day wasn't blowing in it's normal direction but out towards Lake Meade.
The blast was considered to be the most powerful non-nuclear explosion in US history. If the wind has been in it's normal direction, the chlorine gas cloud would have blown into valley.
We would have lost Las Vegas..

I remember hearing about that while I was there. I had no idea it could of been worse.

The shock wave was incredible. Now that I have seen the vid I remember this.

Wow that explosion was just devastating Edwins.


Lock and load alamode. Get on your horse and ride. You want to be in the next county before it blows.

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