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Video Contest Announcement

1st October 2016                          VIDEO CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi cruisers. We only  had  five entries for the September contest but a nice increase in votes for the August contest with a total of eleven. Well done members.

The official results for the August Contest – My Favourite Gloves

1st          Polssken

2nd         vsnetzinger

3rd          BillBoucher

Actual voting results were a tie for 1stbetween vsnetzinger  and Polssken. Because vsnetzinger has won a 1st before, she moves to 2nd place.

Click here vor voting results….

Thanks again to all that enter the contests. It would be nice to get more entries, so don’t be shy. We all started as amateurs. Even if you don’t win, you can have fun.

YourManJ   will arrange your Gift Certificates.

Many thanks to Cruiser Customizing for providing the prizes.

Voting for the September – My favourite pet

As always, view each video and write a score down (1 to 10, 10 being the highest) on a piece of paper for each video. When you go to the voting page just add your score for each entrant.

The entries for September voting are listed below or you can just go to the video contest tab to view them to consider your scores before voting on each video.







The contest for October should be another easy one.

Impersonate A Famous Person.

Make a short video of you impersonating someone famous.

It can be anyone you like. For example, a politician, magician, actor, singer, sportsperson, comedian, daredevil, cartoon character, superhero, someone from back in history, as long as it’s a famous person. You can dress up or do whatever you can think of to make your impersonation.

I’ll leave it up to you members how you want to do the video.

Give your video a Title and an Ending. You can add music, or even make it a comedy if you like.

Just have fun and enter.

Refer to contest rules.



OMG... this is a subject Terry!

Congrats to the winners!

A challenge Gert but easy. Even a 10 second vid could be a winner. You don't have to speak if you dress up as a famous person or you don't have to dress up if you can speak the words of a famous person.
Don't look for something hard to do. Make it simple or rediculous if you like. Just enter.

I'm sorry Terry... but I'll never do a video undressed, I mean naked!!! So I'll think about a famous person! LOL

I never thought about censorship Gert. Good decision you've made. Smiley-laughing

I'm confused, I thought we had different themes each month. It says Polssken won favorite gloves and I didn't even place with the glove pageant. Just like the women's pageants, old, old stuff no one wants to watch any more. Then I see Sept voting is for favorite gloves. My goodness, Booger says all that running around and we aren't even having a pets theme. Maybe I'll just impersonate Mr. Alzheimers.

Thanks for your good reading qualities Randy. I just changed it, so your dogs didn't run for no reason! LOL

Have started on my video. A short one with a naked scene in it.

Now we have to go back and check any votes for Sept pets and they maybe were voting for gloves instead of pets. Then on the other hand, they only need to do that in politics and this ain't no politics. LOL

I'll check it out Randy.

It looks like you ran out of pills. Smiley-wink

I don't think there can be anything wrong with the votes because the vids are the right vids... It was only that one sentence in this announcement, but nothing wrong when you click on one of the vids....

but does everyone truly click on each vid? That would be interesting to tell. I know there has to be a difference as I don't as I tend to remember them as they were first posted. Once in a while though with the picture contest I have to go back and refresh the memory.

I have the same Randy, as I have a very bad short time memory Smiley-wink But it's not a punishment at all to watch them again, vids and pics...

Only 4 votes in so far. We need 8 to beat last months voting record.
Only 2 videos in. Please enter as it is a simple contest. Even if you dress up as a famous person/character and say a couple of words. Sing a song. Recite a poem. Do something magic. Just enter anything that you can impersonate. Most of all have fun.

Got the idea, just need the time to do it. Then again as you know a lot things never get done if it were not for THE LAST MINUTE.

Still a few days to go Randy.

a really tough choice - either work inside doing a video for the contest or go outside and get some riding in while the weather is sunny, fall day colors, no wind, and 65 F (19 C). I thinks you all know what I did. Besides I thought I had at least 2nd place wrapped up with the glove pageant. Therefore may not do this one and just post some wonderful vids of my rides I have done before the leaves are all done and it is drabby looking.

What about a combination?! Make a contest vid outside mixed with a ride.... Smiley-wink

I don't think the person I'm going to imitate rides motorcycles. Then again if I would stay off the site for a week or so I'd probably have enough time to do the vid.

How about I impersonate myself!!! I'm famous, for my dancing, sign out vids...... LOL.

Impersonate Gert trying to get your sign out correct. Smiley-laughing

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