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Video Contest Announcement

1st November 2016                          VIDEO CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi cruisers. We only  had  four entries for the October contest and 8 members who voted.

On behalf of the members who enter the video contest, thanks to all the members who vote.

The official results for the September Contest – My Favourite Pet

1st          triumphin

2nd         GertNL

3rd          tezza

Congrats and well done to triumphin. He enters most of the contests and now he has a first prize.

Click here vor voting results….

Thanks again to all that enter the contests. It would be nice to get more entries, so don’t be shy. We all started as amateurs. Even if you don’t win, you can have fun.

YourManJ   will arrange your Gift Certificates.

Many thanks to Cruiser Customizing for providing the prizes.

Voting for the October Contest – Impersonate a Famous Person/Character 

As always, view each video and write a score down (1 to 10, 10 being the highest) on a piece of paper for each video. When you go to the voting page just add your score for each entrant.

The entries for October voting are listed below or you can just go to the video contest tab to view them to consider your scores before voting on each video.






The contest for November should be another easy one.

Preparing for Winter Or Summer

Make a short video of your preparation for the changing seasons of Winter and Summer.

Our Northern members are moving into the colder season while the Southerners are getting the hotter weather. So everyone should be able to make a little video or video slide show.

It can be preparing your bike or anything that you do to prepare for the seasons mentioned.

Your garden, house, clothes, anything you can think of.

I’ll leave it up to you members how you want to do the video.

Give your video a Title and an Ending. You can add music, or even make it a comedy if you like.

Just have fun and enter.

Refer to contest rules.



Good job guys!!! Well done to all.

Thanks all, This was easy contest. I liked it as it brought back a lot of funny happy moments of watching the dogs growing up again. They just turned 8 (56 dog years). As old as me. And yes they are both showing a bit of grey in the muzzle
This month's contest will be done today or tomorrow.

Thanks all who participated the month contest, everyone of you on your own way, by making a vid, by watching the vids, by commenting, by voting... Maybe it brought you a smile or a laugh... Thanks Terry for your work to keep the contest rolling and finding new subjects every freeking month again! Both contests are for me still a big benefit on this site... Brings me a lot of fun to think about what to do and how to make a vid and to see what others do with the same subject...

Thanks Gert. You guys help with suggestions and it's something I love doing.

ONE more day for voting and video entry for November.

Will be entering mine on 11/29

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