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Video Contest Announcement

1st December 2016                          VIDEO CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi cruisers. It’s getting close to Christmas now and while our northern members are starting to pack up there rides for winter, the southern members are out riding and soaking up the warm weather.

On behalf of the members who enter the video contests, I would like to thank all who vote.

The official results for the October Contest – Impersonate A Famous Person Or Character

This is a first for voting. Three members scored the same total after 12 votes.

Because all have won a first prize, the total prize value of 1st $75, 2nd & 3rd $25 each ($125) will be split 3 ways. $41.65 each

1st          tezza, vsnetzinger and GertNL

Congrats and well done guys.

Click here vor voting results….

Thanks again to all that enter the contests. It would be nice to get more entries, so don’t be shy. We all started as amateurs. Even if you don’t win, you can have fun.

YourManJ   will arrange your Gift Certificates.

Many thanks to Cruiser Customizing for providing the prizes.

Voting for the November Contest – Preparing For Winter Or Summer  

As always, view each video and write a score down (1 to 10, 10 being the highest) on a piece of paper for each video. When you go to the voting page just add your score for each entrant.

The entries for November voting are listed below or you can just go to the video contest tab to view them to consider your scores before voting on each video.






There is no contest for December because it will be voting for the best video of 2016.

Refer to contest rules.



A three way tie. What are the odds. That's great!! Thanks all who entered and voted. Smiley-laughing - did this not make the deadline? I thought I entered it on the November 29th.
Congrats on the tie.

As you all know, the only thing left from Cruiser Customizing is the web site. Until it is shut down (I hope not for the sake of the memers) I will continue the video contest. So please vote for the November contest.
Although there are no prizes, winners can still achieve recognition as a video master.

Thanks to all members who participate in the contest and all who vote and watch. The video makers enjoy creating the videos and appreciate the comments and support.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas . Have a safe and happy holiday.

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