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Video Contest Announcement

1st January 2017                          VIDEO CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi cruisers. Well, Christmas and New Year is over and I’m sure that everyone had a great festive time.

I know that a lot of members are concerned about the closing down of the CC California Office and like all of you felt sad about the staff losing their jobs. Unfortunately, management of Competition Accessories would not confirm or announce the future of the CC members site.

After checking changes to the CC site, I’m feeling confident that it will continue because they still have an American and Canadian market which if shut down would be cutting their nose off to spite their face.

So I am happy to keep the video contest going but the only thing is that there will be no prizes. Winners will be presented with a "CCC Video Master" patch which I will design and get made.

I also know that there are breakaway groups on Facebook as a backup for CC friends but with a lot of other members, I find Facebook a bit of a pain. I would rather keep up with the CC community through the site, and if we all use the site, it may last for a long time.

Once again, on behalf of the members who enter the video contests, I would like to thank all who vote.

The official results for the November Contest – Preparing For Winter Or Summer

Because Polssken, GertNL and vsnetzinger have won a first before, AllenEllis moved to 1st, Polssken 2nd and GertNL 3rd.

1st          AllenEllis

Congrats and well done guys.

Click here for voting results….

Thanks again to all that enter the contests. It would be nice to get more entries, so don’t be shy. We all started as amateurs. Even if you don’t win, you can have fun.

Voting for the Best Video Of 2016 Contest  

As always, view each video and write a score down (1 to 10, 10 being the highest) on a piece of paper for each video. When you go to the voting page just add your score for each entrant.

The entries for Best Video 2016 voting are listed below or you can just go to the video contest tab to view them to consider your scores before voting on each video.

January - Local Tourism – vsnetzinger

February - My Ride – WilfredoPedroza

March – Bike Pose - GertNL

April/May - Product Review – jhlynch

June - Bike Slide Show – Tezza

July - Favourite Riding jacket – JanDirkNL

August - Favourite Gloves – Polssken

September - My Favourite Pet - triumphin

November - Preparing For Winter Or Summer - AllenEllis


There is no contest for January due to members being on holidays and time would be limited.

Refer to contest rules.

March – Bike Pose - GertNL




Thank you Terry!! I love this contest. Not for the prizes but because it is fun to make vids and see what other people think as well as trying to do something that will stand out from the others making a vid on the same subject. It's just fun. I am glad we can continue

Thanks Val. I'm sure all the other video makers will continue with the contests.

I agree! For me the prices arent important, it's all about the fun thinking what to do, making the vid and to watch what others produced with that same subject... I still have about 200 dollar vouchers, useless now... But I'll surely try to make vids as long it's possible, just for fun!

For all the members still here, please vote on the video contest. By doing so, you keep the activity of the site going.
Although there are no prizes, the fact that a name can be given as a winner means a lot to the participants.

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