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Rules are as follows.

•   If you win a video contest then you cannot win again, but if you poll the highest votes you will be delegated to second place. There is no limit to 2nd and 3rd place wins.

•   Videos must be your own.

•   We hope this will entice more members to participate. I suggest you save this blog to your home page for reference.

•   Your entry must appear in the Video Contest link to enter.

•   If you need further clarification you may contact me by personal message.

Video Contest

•   Title the Video "Month Contest", for example "June Contest".

•   Select "Video Contest" as the topic, make sure you tick own video.

•   In the description box tell us a bit about the video, like where/when/why/who.

•   Only one entry per person each month (if more than one entry, only the first entry will go for voting unless it's an update and then the update will go in)

•   One 1st place winner per 12 month period. 2nd and 3rd place there are no limits.

Video Tips

Go to the Help screen at the bottom of the page and select a tip.

Monthly Prizes: 
CCC Video Master patch



Loud and clear Terry!

4 days of voting left so please vote ASAP. Election day

I have voted. Thank you Terry for taking over and keeping it alive. Hope to be able to contribute from time to time

Thanks Dennis. Look forward to your vids.

Just finding out about the video contest and I'm looking forward to putting together a little something to contribute. Glad it's still going on.

Good to hear from you Speedy. Look forward to your videos.

Also finding out about the video contest and I'm looking forward to joining the fun.

Feel welcome Will! Would be nice to see your contribution. Terry wil give the new subject the end of January for the February contest!

I hope everyone are doing GREAT!
When or what day for each month are the winners for the video contest announced?

Hi WIL. Winners are announced in the first week of each month.
Go to the Discussions Menu then under Contests, click on Video Contest then Video Contest Announcement.

Please see latest video contest announcement.

Live to ride and Ride to Live

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