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Today I wanted to watch some old videos.. I was surprised - I could go only 3 sides back. No possibility to se older post then side 3...
The same on my Tablet and mobile phone...

Anyone else with the same problem?




Yeah!!! maybe it's new, but I've the same Marek..... Only 3 pages. I can't remember that was allways the same like this. You could watch back way longer!!!!

It's the same here. Maybe it's like Gert says, it's new.

Haven't gone to the video area for some time. Looked at some today. Will have to see how far back it goes.

Yep. Same for me. 3.

Go to Video pull down menu. Then go to Browse Videos and select All Videos. Should go to page 653.

Tezza, I don't say this often....but you're right!

That wasn't too hard, was it? Smiley-laughing

Not hard to find it..... Very hard to say you're right! Smiley-laughing

THX Tezza..

And again.. Happy B-Day!

Thanks mate.

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