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I no longer will be posting any videos, as I have too much trouble with copyright songs on U Tube!! It's so frustrating. 



Bill, check out Vimeo. You get so much a week for free. Less problem with copyright. You can buy unlimited. Since we've bought the unlimited, we've not had any copyright problems. YouTube does the copyright

Which one? There are a number online.

Julie is sending you something on fb

K. Thanks Allen.

No problem friend

Bill try and look for the look for the log in or register tab

Did you find Vimeo?

Yes. I think I'll try it. Thanks for your's and Julies help.

Your welcome. Keep making video's

Bill, I've been using Vimeo since I started making videos. I've only ever had one song rejected but I stated my case to them and have never had a problem since.
If you notice on any of my videos, I always add the song name and singer.
I have been a Plus member since 2012 which allows up to 5GB per week upload. It is also a quicker upload.
You can join for free and try it out. More info

I've been using the free vimeo since you guys got me hooked on vids. I have never had them reject a song. The few times I have used facebook they didn't like any of my music. I also tried you tube. I got a bit of trouble with them.

Thanks Guys and lady. I Took your advice and got Vimeo.

Now we can see some more of your moves Bill.

I use both You tube and vimeo but still more You tube to be honest. I've also problems with the music but I made a list of songs they accept. So sometimes I use the same music, but that's no problem for me.... I agree Bill, youtube makes a lot more trouble to add music as they don't accept lots of songs.... Vimeo only accepts shorter vids for free and I don't want to pay for add a vid so I only use vimeo for shorter and "less complicated" vids, not much specialeffects and texts etc... as you have only 5 GB for free to use... (A week). Go for it Bill, because I like your vid productions!

Gert, it's only 500Mb for Vimeo free. 5GB for Plus. That gives you 5 eight minute videos with effects etc. per week.

You're right Terry, Vimeo for free is only 500MB and that's why I mostly use Youtube, and sometimes hafe to face the trouble to connect a music track I would like and they don't accept.

This is why you see almost nothing out of me when it comes to videos. And total bad luck with Vimeo. I now have a bit more spare time now. I think I'll work more on this.

You should Capt. Would like to see your videos

I agree.

Let's see the first vid Capt!

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