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VN1600 classic... Serious issue! Do you own one?

So, I have a vn1600 classic great reliable bike... until a week ago. I noticed a Very strong fuel smell, but I couldnt find any leaks. The smell got pretty bad, so I decided to start looking for the source. I removed the seat and noticed that there are 2 welded on tabs which uses 2 12 inch bolts to secure the tank to the bike. The left tab was visibly wet and smelled of gas, but I still couldn't find exactly where the gas was draining into. I unlocked and removed the left side cover and there was a pool of gas inside that cover. I immediately unhooked the battery cables to prevent a fire or even explosion. Has anyone with a VN1600 classic experienced this with a year other than a 2003? Mine is a 2006. Upon doing research on this issue there is ONLY a recall on the 2003's! Which is really DUMB as the 2003, 2006 and i'm sure other years have the same EXACT gas tank construction. Any info will be appriciated, TIA.




Ok, thanks!

Let us know how it goes.

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