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VN900 Custom FOR SALE

If anyone is interested - I have decided to SELL my 2009 VN900 Custom that I have lovingly modified and enjoyed over the last two years - Currently has 28,000k's on the clock - Going Excellently as always ... New Front Tyre - Plenty of photos can be supplied .....
Not sure IF I will get another bike at the moment - I have quite a few health problems and some other personal issues to deal with - I need to move north away from the Snow Area here ...  Buy or build a Camper of some kind and head off around Australia like a LOT of Other GREY NOMADS are doing ....  that May take me a couple of years to do the circuit or Lap around it and or Criss/Cross it all over the place - So MANY Places to Go and Have a Look at ... and Things to DO -  I Would like to try and hunt for a Chunk of Black OPAL or a Good Sized GOLD NUGGET - These goodies are just waiting for me to come along and dig them up ....

My Next bike might be a URAL Sidecar with a Driven Side-Car Wheel - Great for Outback Australia - Especially if dragging a Camper trailer behind it - Now that Just Might be an option to consider too ....  Some Adventure for me before I croak it on this planet ....

I am asking $6,500 AUD for the VN900Custom ...  It Will be sold with All the Stock bits that I have taken off it and some New Spares I have too
Message Me if interested and we can have a talk about it if you are serious about buying - I am sure that we can work out a good deal ....
It is a Great Bike to Ride and Own - It Very much surprised me with its Handling & Performance, Great Bang for your Buck the Vulcans are ...

Cheers & Ride Safe ...
Greg (frostbite).




Sorry to hear about your troubles. I wish you all the best. Do what you have to do. You probably already know I ride a sidecar rig for somewhat similar reasons. It beats the hell out of giving it up.

Sorry to see that you're selling your Vulcan. A few of us got to see and hear it on the last Wild Hogs and it is an impressive bike Greg. I hope that you settle in up north soon and the health improves. I'm sure once you settle in and you feel a lot better, that you will be in the local bike shops looking at a possible purchase.
Cheers, Tezza

Sorry to hear that your health is not good Greg and sorry about the bike needs to go. But health comes first. The northern climate may suit you much better. Good luck with the sale, and I hope you get everything you wish for.

Life’s journey has many twists and turns ... so all the best for whatever lies ahead Greg.

When I did the big lap in 2016 I met a couple of grey nomads that had been on the road, continuously, for over 7 years. It’s a big country ... go forth and enjoy!

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