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vstar 1100 battery killer

recently bought my third vstar. its 01 vstar classic 1100. i have the twin to it and a 650. Never had issues with twin or 650. The new one is completely stock electrical wise. all mods are done to body motor and suspension. heres the sits for days (if weather sucks) and will start just fine. next time it will sit less then a day and battery is fried....not just dead but ruined.THREE BRAND NEW BATTERIES LATER.....i have read alot of previous posts and seen alot of issues with vstar charging system but its alot to take in and read that many. figured id just make my own post and get everything fresh and all together.



My first guess is a bad regulator/rectifier.
First , make sure all your grounds are clean and the battery hot wire and ground wires are in good condition. Do a continuity check on both.
Okay, you are going to need a VOM aka Multi-meter.
Read this:
And this:
Then you need to follow the steps in this.
Make a file on your desktop and name it something like V star 1100. Then, download and save the above to the folder.

You and I where on same idea. I thought the R/R was bad as well. But I wanted a back up on that idea. After testing the R/R was kicking 12 v at idle. Little low. and at around 2000 RPM it was kicking 17 and 18v. popped it off and installed one off my parts bike. all testing shows it working correctly now

I love it when a plan comes

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