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Vstar 1100 classic

i looking to buy a vstar 1100 classic 4849 miles and the out the door price is $3264 is this a good deal?



What year? What condition? How old are the tires? Any service history.

That's really low miles...may need new tires..also probably sat for a long time Edwin said service history would be helpful; with the exception of normal wear and tear parts which may need replacing, if it all checks out it sounds like a good deal - SRK Cycles has a ton of v star 1100 videos on youtube you could check out, to get an idea of what you get for your buck

make sure you want a vstar 1100, does it come with an oil relocation kit, if not the front pipes have to be removed for oil changes, they are a good bike but thats a pain in the ass ( that would have been a deal breaker if i had known, but i never asked and the dealer never said how to change oil) i never thought of things like that but know i do, even when buying a car, when i shop i ask wheres the oil filter, guess what, the sale people never know

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