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Vstar 650 rectifier

Sorry for the length of my first post!! but here goes, I replaced pickup coil, stator, and rectifier last summer! A few weeks ago, heading home from work I stopped at store came back out bike was dead, no headlight or dash light, turn signals! Jumped the bike off, it started but only high beam would come on, as soon as I pulled onto street high beam shut off and at the first red light the bike died again! Pulled battery out charged it up and put my meter on it and watched it steadily drop so i bought brand new battery and new headlamp! Bike ran great for 2 days then it set for 3 days! Started and rode to work no problem, left work made it about 6 miles and died when I slowed to turn! So I checked voltage, and noticed it wasn't  recharging! I charged battery and disconnected headlight and turn signals! Bike doesn't use as much voltage and will stay running as long as I stay off the brake as much as possible!  It would stay charged enough to make it home then back to work !!! (Without headlight or turn signals!!!)  Anyway I pulled rectifier and put the meter on it and double checked it! It showed one leg was way off from the other two, which I heard means the rectifier is bad! So i ordered a new one and evidently its been lost in transit! So the bike sat for several days, then I thought screw it I am gonna put old rectifier back on so I can at least ride it during the day!!,  Well when I replaced it the first time I cut the plug off and wire nutted this one on, so I wired it back up and the damn thing is charging my bike again like it should! Question is; Do you think crossing up the wires had anything to do with it and maybe it will last me another month or six? Or is this one pretty much shot and will crap out at anytime and i should order another one now? And, will continuing to run with this rectifier possibly screw up the stator or pickup coil?? Again sorry and thanks,  Jeff



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Start with Chapter 7, page 21.
Also, take close look at your lighting systems. You state that turning on a light makes the battery drop. Something is drawing to much current or the charging system has an issue. So, check out the charging first and if that doesn't find it look at the lighting for a high resistance.

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