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vstar classic driveshaft

just got my vstar bout a year ago but havent rode it that much but i was wondering what all maintence does the drive shaft require. as far as greasing inside ? i know about the gear oil 80wt etc. but should i take it apart an grease the inside? . it only had
20, 800 miles on it when i bought it. or there about. an it only has 21,000  maybe 21, 500 at most now.



i only do it when i change the back tire, the shaft come off with it.

Here you go.
"If you have a 650 Vstar, please take this advice! Make sure you pull the rear wheel and lube the splines where the driveshaft connects to the final drive. Yamaha recommends this to be done any time the wheel is removed, and/or at 15,000 mile intervals. Mine made it 12,000 miles and the splines stripped. I did a bunch of reading and it seems this is a common problem, as Yamaha did not use enough grease from the factory on some bikes. Don't chance it. A new final drive from Yamaha will set you back around $650, and if you can find a used one, they are going for at least 1/2 that amount. It's very easy to do, or spend the $40 or so and have it done at your favorite shop! It's no fun watching your bike ride away on a flatbed and waiting for parts to arrive while all your buddies are out sticking their face in the wind!"
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Hello everyone. Didn't see anywhere where I could post a new thread. Wide and I are new riders and we bought Vstar 650s as learner bikes. Is this bike going to have issues going 70 miles per hour? We live in texas and a lot of places require a trip on the highway to get there, even the bike shop.

its probably hard on small cc bike like the 650, its hard on the 1100 the constant high rpm's, i did 100mph thats where its governed, hard on the engine.

My wife had no issues riding her 650 at 70mph/110kph.

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