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Vstar fuel pump clicking

when I start up.     I turn key on and turn off kill switch ,   The usual fuel pump noise comes out for a few seconds then yellow light goes out and green neutral light is on.  I pull choke out and hit starter button.  Starts then dies ....  every time I try starting again the clicking fuel pump makes its noise again.   I never paid attention but I thought it only primed once.  I was thinking my battery needs replacing but thought I’d do some research.  Any ideas or experience ie welome and appreciated...




When did first start doing this?
Was it all all once or gradually got worse?
Had it sat for awhile?
Bad fuel, possibly.
What do the plugs look like?
When the engine stops, the pump looses pressure.

You may want to check the fuel presure. While checking the fuel resure make sure the relay stays on long enought. It should run for 3-5sec to build presure. Then replace the fuel filter. What edwin's say's

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