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Vstar help please

I had some recent carburetor cleaning done on my bike, now the check engine light is on and it runs with half the ass it used to. Also I am st full throttle in low gears just trying to climb simple hills.... if it is a long low grade hill I can't even make it ...... I have never been able to full throttle this bike, now I run full throttle and still can't over 50!! Also I noticed it sputtering and almost backfiring while riding up the hill..... ??? Any advice??? It is a 2007 in great shape like new with only 6500 miles!! Help please!



Throttle Postion Sensor is the most likely suspect It may just be a loose conection.

See part number 49.

Please let me know if this helped.

The friend who worked on it is checking the tps, thank you and I'll post back if she's back to operation normal!

Have you checked the voltage at the fuel pump? It needs to be 12.5 min.Has the pis been checked as well? Was the fuel filter changed? All this stuff is under the tank. Make sure that the fuel shut off valves are staying open. Check the voltage to them also and make sure that they open fully.

You shouldn't have to clean your carburetor with 6500 miles. Bad idea, just run some Seafoam through it once in a while. No need to touch the carb unless your re-jetting. Just make sure everything hooked up again the way it was.

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