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vstar starting problem

OK i guess it's finally my turn.  the vstar won't start.  Got the bike out of storage put the battery in, turned the key waited for that noise ,fuel pump or the ignighter what ever that sound is seems normal like other years.  turned the bike over took a few tries but it started just like the other years.
took it up and down the block a few times probally about a mile the put it away for the next day.   nextday  put the key in turned it and the nose was there but it didn't start( battery is fully charged even had it tested) just a clicking sound.  push start 1st gear started no problems, ran 10 minutes turned it off wouldn't start same thing happened, push start again started fine, went fo a 45 minute ride came home turned it off and it wouldn't start it would click than nothing.  went and bought a fully charged new battery and the same symtoms.  checked the fuses all good even the mains under the seat,  tried to start it and heard and felt the clicking from the starter relay which i have taken off because i think thats the problem.  battery charged, headlght works signals work horn tries to work,  i guess i will start there.  got a new battery that i don't need why not a new relay.

any thoughts?



I'd check the Starting circuit cutoff relay and Starting circuit cutoff diode besides the Starter relay.

and where are they located

The starting circuit cutoff relay is #23 in this diagram. You'll have to pull the gas tank and neck cover.

Have you tried to jump start directly to the starter? You need to by pass the relay and go straight to the starter cable at the starter. If it starts you just found a bad relay. IF it does not start then you may need a starter.

i hooked the starter to the battery direct pos. to the bolt on top and neg. to the bolt to the frame, didn't do a thing, also tryed to boost with a truck and the relay just clicked but every thing else works. going to take the starter off and see if it turns by hand and do a bench test. is there a seal i should worry about or any oil leakage?

I think it is the kick stand switch.

check connection at starter! for corrosion .
If you need to replace the starter make sure you get a part number 5EL8189001 , not the 5EL8189000. The 5EL8189000 is the old style with known issues.

i don't want to toot my own horn but whoot whoot(or motorcycle style beep beep) FIXED IT. took it off bench test wouldn't move and I could hardly turn it by hand, took the end caps off and there was alot of carbon dust blew it out and a good wipe checked the brushes seem to be fine, greased it up put it back together bench test and it spun like the dam blazes. put it on hit the button and away it went just save myself $400 canadian. I guess i'm better at this stuff than i think. too bad it's raining here today.

Yes, you are good at this. Now, go for a ride when it stops raining , come back and get some of your favorite beverage and kick back. Then smile and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

I replaced the one way starter clutch on my 2005 yamaha 1100 vstar classic the bike started up went for a short ride but now the starter just whines like it did before i put the new clutch pack in

well i guess i'm not as good as i thought, cleaned my old starter worked for awhile than craped out had to buy a Chinese nock off it works but for how long.

Well you were on the right track. Years ago, you could by a starter rebuild kit, like a car. You would replace brushes and other parts....but to day everything is disposable - buy part & replace.

I would be weary of the "knock off" and start looking for a quality replacement. Just a bit of advice as I've been there done that.

update the bike is away for winter but the Chinese starter worked good all year.

You more than likely got the starter from the same manufacture that Yamaha gets them. I bought a stator that way and it had the Yamaha part # on it. I saved just over $300.

My 2005 yamaha 1100 custom won't start. I turn it on the power came on I hit the srarter button and the starter solenoid clicked and the power went off. Turned the key off and on a couple of times. The power came back on. I hit the start button again power go's off. Good battery new starter solenoid. Now the power doesn't even come on when I turn the key on. What's wrong with it?

Bought a 2002 Yamaha vstar 1100. Started and drove fine for a few weeks. Had a bad battery so I got a new one and now it won’t start. All you can hear is the starter spinning. Took it off and bench tested it. Looks to be moving really slow. Is this why it won’t start. Thanks in advance.

You may have to clean the carbon out of the starter housing. or you may have a starter one way clutch going bad.
Take a look and you will see the clutch assy.

I’ll try to clean it. Is installing the starter clutch a major project?

NO it is just a little time . No special tools needed. Just kind of oily mess.

I just purchased a pre owned Yamaha vstar 650. Rode well for approximately 2 weeks. Parked after riding with no issues and about 20 hours later it doesn't start. First I would hear a click from the starter, then eventually not a sound. Bypassed the starter solenoid, while using a new battery and starter spun rather slowly. Had the solenoid tested and was asked to replace it. Replaced the solenoid and tried starting but same issue (just a click) solenoid is tested and I'm told it went bad also. Starter spins upon bench testing but only starts the bike when high amp battery is connected directly to it.
I'm new to bikes and zero rated as a mechanic. Can I get some advice please

How old is the battery? If it is over 4 years old you may need a new one. I replace mine every 4-5 years. If in doubt have it load tested. I would try and clean all the ground cables. I also would check the water in each cell of the battery. If they get low or empty the battery is toast. The next thing would be clean all the carbon dust out of the starter housing. They get loaded up from time to time and need cleaned.

Lights come on new battery ran fine a couple weeks now it doesn’t do anything when I hit the button jumped it over at silaniod turns over fine but want crank

If it is turning over it is cranking over. Check the neutral safety sw. then the kickstand sw. You should post this in the discussions . Post a new discussion you will get a lot more information..

I was riding my 1999 Yamaha V Star 650 classic and it was running fine, but then all of a sudden it acted like it was starving for fuel and died. When I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump clicks about eight times before it stops and when I try and start it, the fuel pump just keeps clicking.

Don, sounds like the fuel pump went south. I would change the fuel filter first. It is located under the fuel tank. Take a look here..
Nice to see another Northwest guy here. I'm 4hr East from Portland. Welcome to the site.

Someone please help!!!!

Glad I found this site! I just purchased 1999 V Star 1100 with a starting issue and your comments will be helping me solve this.
Thanks a bunch Smiley-laughing

I have 1100 v star. Tried starting. Had a few clicks from the thumb switch. Not quite turning over. All of a sudden nothing from switch. Did hear something maybe "fizzle" out, not sure. Nothing at all now. Still power for lights. Thinking starter or electrical?

I have power to my lights my blinkers my horn when I turn the key on I hear the work but when I press the starter it will not come on no noise no nothing please help

Jason and John I would try and charge the battery first. Make sure it has 13-14 volts. Then clean and tighted the grounds and + cable also. Then the starter relayand fuse would be next. I would jump directly to the starter with a nown good battery to check if it will ingauge and turn over. If nothing happens you may need top remove the starter and clean out the carbon whitch has built up inside. These starters have a issue with carbon build up. Once cleaned they work good. You will need a Volt OHM meter. A cheap one will work Harbor freight is a good place to get one. Take a look at this site thye have great pictures and break down of all the parts and assy you will need and the parts are not to bad on price either.

So j put my bike away last year and it ran great no issues.
I trickle charged my battery and had it tested no issue there. But i turn the key and killswirch on and go to start and i have no crank missing iut on good riding days here in iowa. Any advice!!!

I would try and jump at the starter bypass the relay and start switch. If the starter turns it ok. Check your ground conection at the frame make sure it is clean and tight. you may have a bad relay or solenoid. If you have not had the battery load tested fined some place that can do that test. If your battery is over 4 years old just get a new one. Hope this helps a bit..

2008 V-Star 650 runs great. When it will start. New battery last year. Charged it for this year and it ran great. For a while. Now when i turn the key it makes the usual clicking/windup noise. But when I hit the starter button is sort of buzzes and clatters. Had the charger on it overnight, but still the same problem. Is it a bad battery? A bad charger? Something with the starter? It has just over 9,000 miles on it.

Try cleaning the ground at the frame. Check the starter relay.

Vstar1100 started when I bought just turns over but doesn’t turn fast enough to start I don’t believe.changed battery,starter,starter clutch.same problem.could stator be bad?or a relay? Or?? Plz any advice will be helpful

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