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vstar stalls out occassionally

Hey - Allie here
I have a 1100vstar classic 2011, 110,000 kms
She has stalled on me 4 times in the last month as I was riding...just lost power/and or gas, I feel it and gear down to try and keep her going as I pull over to the side. She stalls out. I shut her off and restart - she tries to start but seems flooded. She has always restarted after 5-20 minutes.
carbs were jetted with new needles in spring
clean fuel filter
petcock clean
gas cap clean and ball bearing removed
idle adjusted higher

she smells of fuel often

the dude at yamaha says it could be electrical...

it has only happened 4x in the last month - I ride alot - almost 20,000km this season

Any takers????


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Does it turn over after it stalls? If not, the problem may lie with the regulator/rectifier not allowing enough voltage to charge and run the bike.

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